Black Dragon


Escape Room LA: Black Dragon

Unlock the mysteries of Black Dragon – a mysterious adventure in 1960s Hong Kong! You’ll set out on a thrilling journey through Hong Kong’s notorious Kowloon Walled City – a dark and densely populated enclave controlled by local triad gangs. Your quest leads you through a detailed replication of the Walled City’s mysterious alleyways, tiny shops, restaurants and homes as you rush to stop the Black Dragon triad gang before they can take control of the city.

Book in advance to avoid disappointment! Walk-in spots are rarely available.

Game Schedule

Scheduled games are available daily, in the afternoons and evenings.
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Games can be scheduled at other times by appointment. Call or email for details.

3-9 participants
(4 or more recommended)
Length: 60 minutes
Escape Rate: 70%

Weekdays (Mon-Thu):
6 to 9 players: $35 ea
3-5 players: $39 ea

Weekends (Fri-Sun):
6-9 players: $40 ea
3-5 players: $44 ea

• All games are private for your group only. You will never be playing with strangers.
• This is a large game with many things to do – recommended for groups of 4 or more players
• There is a live person in this game. This person will never be in close contact with your group and will remain at a safe distance throughout the game.

Escape Room LA Reviews:

“We were absolutely floored by Black Dragon – it is AMAZING!!! We played last night and had the most awesome experience … beautiful scenery, fun puzzles and a great story. You have to play this game!”
-Thehauntgirl LA

“My family has done around 50 escape rooms and The Pyramid was awesome, the perfect challenge for our group of 5. We had a fabulous time- I highly recommend for newbies and enthusiasts alike!”
-Katie L.

“Black Dragon is a top notch room! We loved the game and how immersive the space was. The exploration felt really expansive and we ended on a real high!”
-Lawrence E.

“Atlantis, like all of Escape Room LA’s rooms, is beautiful. It features a variety of different types and levels of puzzles. It’s the perfect room for experienced enthusiasts as well as newcomers because there is a lot to do in this room. It’s absolutely breathtaking! Their set designs are phenomenal and a bar above what many others are doing.”
-Myung K.

“All three games here are incredible. In Black Dragon we were immediately transported to 1960s Hong Kong. The set design is amazing, there’s a good puzzle variety, and it’s a really fun room that we’re still talking about!”
-Leah M.

“Atlantis was an amazing experience – very atmospheric and the best set design I’ve ever seen. Puzzles were very interactive and uniquely themed to the room.”
-Louise B.

“One of the most innovative and unique concepts I’ve seen, from the props to the storyline to the introduction… I was fully immersed by the experience. I would not recommend this as your first room because other games would be pale in comparison!'”
-Deniece E., Morty

“Black Dragon delivered on the excellent design that Escape Room LA is known for, with varied puzzles that were fun and satisfying to solve, an incredible set that was absolutely gorgeous, multiple rooms, narrow hallways, and high ceilings. Escape Room LA brought this environment to life.”
-Room Escape Artist

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