Tickets for all games are currently on sale through March, 2018.
Use the calendar below to select your date and time.

(We apologize for our somewhat erratic game schedule in late December. Our schedule has been temporarily modified to allow our staff to have time off for the holidays. Things will return to normal in January).

For information on holding private events on weekdays during the day,
please call us at 213-689-3229 or contact us here.


Tuesday – Thursday: $32 per person  /  Friday – Sunday: $37 per person

Book 2 or more games for the same day – get 10% off!*  /  Book all 4 games for the same day – get 15% off!*
*Must book full rooms to receive discounted prices.
Call us at 213-689-3229 to receive these discounted rates for booking multiple games.

Important Info

If you wish to have a room for your group only, you must purchase all tickets for the room capacity for the game you wish to attend: 12 tickets for The Detective or The Theatre / 10 tickets for The Alchemist, The Pyramid or The Cavern. You do not need to have the maximum number of participants, but you do need to pay for the full room. Otherwise it is likely that other people will purchase tickets and be playing the game with your group (which can add to the fun!).

• If you have already participated in an Escape Room LA game, you cannot do that same room again. However we encourage you to come back to try a different game – they are all unique and different.

• Plan on spending a total of about 90 minutes with us from start to finish. You’ll have 50 to 60 minutes to attempt to escape from the room. After that, we’ll go through an explanation of how to solve all of the puzzles inside the room.

• Children ages 13 and under are not permitted at Escape Room LA unless you are booking the whole room for your group only. Children ages 16 and under must be accompanied inside the room by an adult. No one under age 12 admitted to The Pyramid.

• Keep the games a mystery! Please don’t reveal clues or answers to others.

These are live-action events. You must arrive on time in order to participate. We can not wait for latecomers. Leave ample time to allow for traffic and parking. If you arrive after the door to the room has been locked, you will not be allowed to participate.

All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges or rescheduling permitted.

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