Celebrating 10 Years of Escape Room LA

We’re Celebrating Our 10th Year!

It’s Escape Room LA’s 10th Year!

Since opening in Fall of 2014, Escape Room LA has hosted tens of thousands of participants – groups of friends, families, students, corporate groups and many more.

Take a look back over our 10 year history of escape games!

How many of our games have you played?



The Detective


Step back in time into the world of a 1940s private detective. Inside the detective’s office, you’ll find yourself trapped in a film-noir style Hollywood mystery where you must work together to identify suspects, solve challenging puzzles and clues and find a way out before your time runs out.

“We were instantly transported to the 1940s and this was the perfect challenge…a brain-twisting escape room filled with engaging, and sometimes very challenging, puzzles.”


The Cavern


Join an expedition in search of a lost civilization’s ancient mysteries and travel hundreds of feet below the surface of downtown Los Angeles. After arriving in a mysterious underground cavern, you’ll have less than an hour to uncover the secrets and escape before your air supply runs out.

“Great production values that really captured the feel of an underground cavern – with superior puzzles and tremendous a-ha moments!”

The Detective
The Cavern
The Theatre
The Alchemist

The Theatre


You become the stagehands in an old haunted theatre, where you must explore the mysterious backstage and dressing room areas in order to find a way to free the theatre’s ghost before the performance begins!

“Really fun puzzles, and one of the best designed rooms I’ve done – it really captures the spooky aptmosphere of an old theatre.”


The Alchemist


A medieval alchemist has a secret plan to destroy the world. Inside his secret laboratory, you must find and unite the four elements to create The Philosophers Stone and escape before the alchemist returns!

“This game sets a new standard for escape rooms – Full of intricate and creative puzzles in a spectacularly designed immersive environment that transports you to another world.”

The Pyramid
Black Dragon

The Pyramid


Set out on an expedition to a hidden jungle pyramid in search of The Mask of the Jade Warrior, a fabled lost treasure of the Mayan civilization. The mask is hidden in a secret tomb deep within the ancient pyramid. But to find it, you must solve the pyramid’s perplexing puzzles, riddles and challenges.

“One of the best games in LA – a super fun adventure with eleborate sets and top-notch puzzles that fit the theme perfectly.”




A secret portal leads you into the spectacular lost city of Atlantis. As you search among the ruins, you’ll solve mysterious clues and puzzles, while discovering the long-lost pieces of Poseidon’s fabled trident. Find all of the pieces and escape before your air supply runs out!

“Entering into Atlantis was breathtaking! It’s an incredibly beautiful, intricate game that begins in an ordinary office and quickly progresses to the wonders of a mysterious underwater city!”


Black Dragon


Set out on a thrilling journey through 1960s Hong Kong’s notorious Kowloon Walled City – a dark and densely populated enclave controlled by local triad gangs. Your quest leads you through a detailed replication of the Walled City’s mysterious alleyways, tiny shops, restaurants and homes as you rush to stop the Black Dragon triad gang before they can take control of the city.

“Black Dragon is not to be missed – one of the best new games in Southern California. It’s a completely immersive experience with an incredible set, varied puzzles and a great story.”

Online Games:

The Lost Pyramid
Escape From Planet X
The Curse of the Dark Raven
Have You Got What It Takes To Be An Elf?
The Four Elements
The Haunted Theatre

Outdoor Games:

Jewels of the White Tiger
Lost Treasure of Peg Leg Pete
7 Secrets
Big Trouble in Little Tokyo
Memphis Minnie’s Amazing Musical Mystery
Holidays in Old Pasadena
Haunted Halloween Hunt

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