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Escape Room LA is the leading escape room game company in Southern California, which is the nation’s largest market for escape room experiences.

We currently have some of the longest running games in the United States:

  • The Detective (4 years, 11 months)
  • The Theatre (4 years)
  • The Alchemist (3 years, 9 months)

Together these games have been played by more than 35,000 participants. Their success and popularity has been proven many times over.

Our corporate clients include national and international companies, including Bank of America, Google, Netflix, Starbucks and many others.

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the detective

Step back in time into the world of a 1940s private detective. Inside the detective’s office, you’ll find yourself trapped in a film-noir style Hollywood mystery where you must work together to identify suspects, solve challenging puzzles and clues and find a way out before your time runs out.

capacity: up to 10
length: 1 hour
difficulty: 8/10
minimum 500 square feet
(46 sqm)

Featured on The Conan O’Brien Show

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Escape Room LA Alchemist

An ancient library leads you through a secret passage into a medieval alchemist’s mysterious lab, where you must find the four lost elements of earth, air, fire and water. Unite the elements and unleash the magical powers of the Philosopher’s Stone before the alchemist returns.

capacity: up to 10
length: 1 hour
difficulty: 9/10
minimum 600 square feet
(56 sqm)

Featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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the theatre

Enter the stage door of an old haunted theatre, where you must find a way to free the theatre’s ghost before the performance begins! Uncover clues and puzzles leading to the mysterious objects you need to create a magical spell and release the ghost before your time runs out. Will you escape?

capacity: up to 12
length: 1 hour
difficulty: 7.5/10
minimum 500 square feet
(46 sqm)

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These are games that are already well-established, highly acclaimed, and long-running in one of the world’s most competitive escape room markets.

• We design exciting, engaging and immersive escape games. We have a proven track record of success in Los Angeles – America’s largest escape room market. Our games have been played by more than 35,000 participants.

• Our games are available in any country worldwide. We’ll provide you with everything you need to construct, operate and maintain your game. There is just a one-time license fee. There are no royalties or yearly franchise fees. And we’re here to help if any questions arise.


This really depends on you and the degree of marketing, advertising and promotion you do. We have put a tremendous amount of time and dedication into our business.


You will be purchasing the license for a game that is already well-established, highly acclaimed, and long-running in one of the world’s most competitive escape room markets.

The license fees are:
$4000 one game
$7000 two games

The license fee includes everything you need to know to build, open and operate your escape room, including:

Game play – a step by step breakdown of the user experience and how every element in the game works

Materials list – all furniture, props, puzzles and supplies needed for the game. We can modify many of these items based on your budget, preferences or the availability in your country or region. Most props and electronics are readily available through online retailers. We will supply purchase links for everything needed.

Printed clues – files needed to print any clues, puzzles or documents used in the game

Floor plans – suggested room layout and schematic, including lighting and sound. We can modify this to fit your space, if you wish.

Staff training materials – game setup documents, reset lists, hints and clues. Note: our games have a live person inside during the game, however this can be modified if you prefer to use cameras or other electronic devices.

Unlimited support for the games you purchased.

If you’d like customized art for the game logo, posters and website, graphic design services can be provided at an additional cost through independent graphic artists. Ask us for more details.


Your escape room location must be at least 1200 miles away from Los Angeles, California. We reserve the right to limit available licenses granted in any area at any time.


The range of additional costs you’ll need for physical items in the game ranges greatly depending on the economic factors of your location. We strongly believe that to have a great escape room, you must make a committed investment of your time and money.

These items will include:

  • Props and puzzles for the game, and where to purchase them if you won’t be custom building these
  • Furniture and set decoration
  • Carpenters, electricians and and other skilled professionals you require (for example scenic painters if you won’t be doing this yourself)
  • Audio and video, when required
  • Rent
  • Insurance
  • Local/regional permits and licenses
  • Advertising and promotion


You will have a dedicated contact person from our team who will assist you with game setup and implementation, by either Skype or e-mail or both. We can assist you with the room layout, positioning of clues and other questions you might have as you prepare to open your escape room game.


We are also available to come to your location to personally assist with the setup of your room.

We can also assist with game testing, staff training, and room maintenance.

Please contact us for more details and pricing for our on-location services.


Contact: John Hennessy, Director

Escape Room LA
120 E. 8th Street
Suite 100
Los Angeles CA 90014