Play these online live streaming games with your
friends, family or group from anywhere in the world!

These live-hosted games feature both audio and visual clues. One of our experienced escape room hosts will be leading your game, verbally describe your surroundings while showing you a series of images and puzzles, and letting you know how you can interact with everything you see. All of these games are designed as live-streaming online games – they do not take place inside any of our other physical escape rooms.

It will be up to you to work together to solve the fun clues and tricky challenges! Can you escape in one hour or less?

2 to 7 players
Difficulty: 6/10
Duration: 60 minutes
$16.50 per person
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The curse of an evil witch has brought eternal darkness to a small secluded village. Now it’s up to you to travel to the village and reverse the curse before dawn. Along the way you’ll outwit trolls, play pub games to win gold, and cast powerful spells! Can you break the Curse of the Dark Raven?

2 to 7 players
Difficulty: 5/10
Duration: 60 minutes
$16.50 per person
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You fall into a deep hole in the earth and find yourself  trapped inside an ancient lost pyramid, deep in the Mayan jungle.  Solve the riddles and challenges of the mysterious pyramid and escape before your time runs out!
Note to previous participants: If you’ve played THE PYRAMID at Escape Room LA, this is a completely new and different game!

2 to 7 players
Difficulty: 5/10
Duration: 60 minutes
$16.50 per person
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A vacation in outer space takes a wrong turn when your spaceship crash-lands on an uncharted alien planet. You discover that all of the crew have disappeared and the aliens are getting restless! In this fun, wacky adventure, it’s up to you to find a way to get the spaceship up and running and escape from Planet X before the aliens attack.

Larger Groups & Team Building

• Are your employees working remotely & feeling disconnected?
• Do your students want more ways to interact and get to know each other?
• Is your group looking for a fun online activity?

Escape Room LA Live’s online games are a great solution to bring everyone together and have fun. We can hold multiple games simultaneously for larger groups. Plan a fun online activity with your students, interns, coworkers or staff!
Group discounts are available:
• 10 to 20 participants:  get 10% off
• More than 20 participants: get 15% off

Contact us for more information.


How It Works
  • Free Zoom software is required for these games. Download it here and be sure it is installed on your computer or smartphone beforehand.
  • Visit the Booking page to choose your game, date and time.  All game times are Pacific Standard Time.
  • About 15 minutes before your scheduled game time, we’ll e-mail you a link to your private game on Zoom, which you should forward to each participant.
  • Have everyone sign in to Zoom 5-10 minutes before your game time. Your host will greet you, review the instructions, and then your game will begin. You will have up to 60 minutes to complete the game.
  • The only other thing you’ll need during the game is paper and something to write with.
  • Do not use Zoom virtual backgrounds if you’re playing Escape From Planet X.


Important Info
  • Pricing is per person, not per device. If two people will be using the same computer or phone, they will each need to purchase tickets.
  • Games will start promptly at their designated times. If someone arrives late, they can join the game in progress, but game start times can not be delayed.
  • All games are private – for your group only.
  • These games are designed for adults and are not recommended for children under age 12.
  • Book at least 3 hours before game starting times.
  • There are no refunds, however we can reschedule your game as long as you notify us at least 24 hours in advance by email.
  • Questions? E-mail us with any questions. Please do not call – our office is temporarily closed during this period of quarantine.