Outdoor Escape Games

Fall 2023 Outdoor Games

Jewels of the White Tiger
Saturday, October 14

Find the hidden jewels and release the White Tiger!
Based on ancient Chinese legends, you’ll follow the mysterious paths of three mystical creatures: the Tortoise, the Dragon and the Bird.  You’ll make your way through LA’s vibrant Chinatown area in a quest to release the elusive White Tiger by uncovering three hidden jewels!


Lost Treasure of Peg Leg Pete
Saturday, November 18
Long Beach

Pirates! Parrots! Pilferin!

Can you find Peg Leg’s hidden treasure before time runs out? You’ll explore Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor area for clues. As your quest unfolds, Peg Leg’s pirate rivals might help you… or are they actually after his hidden treasure too?



Memphis Minnie’s Musical Mystery
Saturday, November 11

From Beyoncé to The Beatles at LA Live!
In this fun-filled musical adventure, you’ll encounter perplexing puzzles and tricky clues all about Grammy-winning songs from both past and present! Explore LA’s iconic LA Live plaza while solving a hit song musical mystery that might even have you dancing in the streets!


Holidays in Old Pasadena
Saturday, December 16

Your Inner Elf Is Waiting!
In the historic streets and alleys of Old Pasadena, your team will solve holiday-themed clues and challenges as you compete against other teams to earn the most Elf Points in 90 minutes or less!
NOTE: This event will include both new material as well as clues from previous Pasadena holiday games.


About Our Outdoor Escape Games

  • All games are completed entirely on foot within a compact, defined area. You’ll be on your feet but this is not a running race in any way – it’s just like doing an escape room, but outdoors! There are no unusually physical activities but you will be walking around for up to 90 minutes.
  • Teams will have 90 minutes to complete the game. Be sure to arrive on time. If you’re late, you will lose time from your game.
  • Teams can be 2 to 5 participants.
  • You’ll receive your designated starting location in advance, where you’ll receive your first clue at your game’s starting time. What you do after that will be up to you! Help and hints are available if you get stuck.
  • Games are generally linear, but at times there will be multiple paths to follow. Your team can occasionally split up, however there will be times when everyone must work together.
  • Remember to bring something to write with – other than that, just be ready to have fun!
  • Multiple teams might be playing at each time slot, however teams are not competing against each other to win – you’re competing against the clock. There will be little or no interaction between different teams. In fact you may see very little of each other during the game.
  • Although there are no age restrictions, these games are designed for adults and are recommended for ages 14 and up. Children ages 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Planning a group event? Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. Contact us for more information.

Questions? Call 213-689-3229 or email us.

Escape Room LA: The Pyramid

Reopening date TBA

NOTE: Our live-streaming online game, The Lost Pyramid, is a completely different game and does not take place inside this physical escape room.

Set out on an expedition to a hidden jungle pyramid in search of The Mask of the Jade Warrior, a fabled lost treasure of the Maya. The mask is hidden in a secret tomb deep within the ancient pyramid. But to find it, you must solve the pyramid’s perplexing puzzles, riddles and challenges. Will you find the jade mask and escape? Or will you be trapped inside forever?

Spanish language games are available on selected days and times.
“The Pyramid” está disponible en español en días y horarios seleccionados.

Game Schedule

Weekday Evenings
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings

Saturday & Sunday afternoon and evening

Weekday Daytime
10m to 5pm Monday – Friday

For exact schedule & availability, click here

Room capacity: 8 people
Length: 60 minutes
Difficulty: 8/10

Children under age 13 are not admitted.

Weekday Evenings:
$29 per person


$39 per person

Weekday Group Discounts
Monday – Friday daytime (9am to 5:30pm)
GROUP OF 8  $250
4 to 7 participants: $35 per person
(minimum 4 participants for M-F daytime games)

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.

Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before your game’s start time. These are live-action events: if you arrive after your game has started, you may not be allowed to participate..

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