Group Events

Fun Group Events That Everyone Will Love!

Bring your group to Escape Room LA!
You’ll solve fun clues and puzzles in a thrilling adventure that everyone will be talking about long afterwards.

Whether you’re old friends celebrating a birthday or new coworkers getting to know each other,
Escape Room LA games are a great team bonding experience that’s both challenging and fun – and suitable for everyone from age 15 to 50!

Collaborate to solve fun clues & puzzles as a team
Communication is key – everyone gets to contribute
Have a unique shared experience you won’t soon forget!

Each of our games can accommodate up to 9 participants.
Groups can also use our large lobby as a gathering and socializing space.
Live hosted trivia games are available in our lobby for larger groups playing multiple games.



6-9 participants: 10% discount
Book online – discount will be calculated automatically

10-19 participants: 15% discount
Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 213-689-3229.

20+ participants: 20% discount
Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 213-689-3229.

Also Available:

Have family, friends or employees in different locations?
Bring everyone together online for a fun virtual experience!

We can hold multiple games simultaneously for larger groups – or even back-to-back game sessions to accommodate even more participants.
Virtual games are played on Zoom. No special software is needed.


Scavenger Hunts  •  Outdoor Escape Games  •  Adventure Races
We can create customized outdoor games for groups of 20 or more!

From clue-solving scavenger hunts to “Amazing Race” style adventures, we have been creating outdoor games for nearly 20 years!
Contact us for more details.


For more information or to book your next group event, email us here or give us a call at 213-689-3229.

Some of the hundreds of companies who have booked Escape Room LA group events include: