Why Escape Rooms are the Ideal Team Building Activity

Team Building at Escape Room LA


Escape rooms are a great team building activity for co-workers, employees and staff. They encourage teamwork and improve motivation. Players will utilize their communication and problem solving skills together as a group. With one hour to escape, teams must work together efficiently to solve puzzles in a timely manner. Escape Room LA offers several varied, unique themes to choose from that give co-workers a wide choice of thrilling adventures. As well as our in-person games in Downtown LA, we also offer virtual games that can be played online from anywhere.


How Escape Room LA Team Building Events Can Benefit Your Group

Encourage Communication

Players are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions – communication is the key to success in an escape room! One person’s idea might be the key to solvin g a puzzle. Players share the information they find and work together towards their common goal.

Highlight Your Group’s Strengths

Some people excel at visual problems, while others think more rationally. As players progress through the game, they’ll discover their individual skills and strengths while working together. Everyone will have something to contribute. You may also find it beneficial to discover areas where teamwork could be improved and strengthened

Solve Problems Together

Players will enter their game expecting to solve puzzles, but they have no idea what those puzzles might be! Players will be challenged to solve problems without being able to prepare beforehand, forcing them to work together and share ideas.

Improve Time Management Skills

Due to the game’s one-hour time limit, players are motivated to act quickly before time runs out! Escape rooms encourage larger teams to split up and work on multiple problems simultaneously, sharing information as they find it. This greatly enhances their teamwork and communication skills.

Think Creatively

The themes of our escape rooms will take players far away from their everyday lives – to an ancient Mayan pyramid, the lost city of Atlantis, or 1960s Hong Kong. If teams are used to things being done in a certain way, this is a good way to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, examining problems from different perspectives and use new strategies.

Boost Team Camaraderie

Escape rooms are a group activity – no escape room can be solved by a single person alone. Teamwork is of the utmost importance and everyone has a role to play. Even those having trouble keeping up with the game play can cheer for their team and try to help out by gathering clues. No one is left behind. Whether they ultimately win or lose, they all did their best working together as a team.

Escape Rooms Are Affordable and Have Short Time Commitments

Escape rooms cost much less than hotel or conference facility events, and come with a minimal time commitment. Escape Room LA team building is a cost-effective way to bring your employees closer together.

Both In-Person And Virtual Escape Rooms Are Available

Our in-person escape rooms are some of the most highly-rated and well-established in Southern California. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend coming to play in person. But if your employees are located in different cities or countries, we also offer virtual events that can be played together online from almost anywhere in the world.

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