The Alchemist

An ancient library leads you through a secret passage into a medieval alchemist’s mysterious lab, where you must find the four lost elements of earth, air, fire and water. Unite the elements and unleash the magical powers of the Philosopher’s Stone before the alchemist returns! Will you escape?

Game Schedule


6pm, 7:30pm, 9pm

1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, 6pm, 7:30pm, 9pm

1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, 5:30pm

Weekday Daytime Games
available from 10:00am to 4:30pm

Room capacity: 10 people
Length: 60 minutes
Difficulty: 8/10

$33 per person weekday evenings
$35 per person weekday daytime
$39 per person weekends

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.

Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before your game’s start time. These are live-action events: if you arrive after your game has started, you may not be allowed to participate.

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