The Cavern

Descend into a mysterious underground cavern in search of a lost civilization’s ancient mysteries. You’ll have less than an hour to solve clues and uncover secrets that lead to four powerful hidden totems. You must complete the expedition and escape before your air supply runs out! Will you get out?

Game Schedule


6:30pm, 8pm, 9:30pm

12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm, 6:30pm, 8pm, 9:30pm

1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm

Room capacity: 10 people
Length: 50 minutes
Difficulty: 8/10

$33 per person weekday evenings
$39 per person weekends

Private weekday daytime games can be held Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. Contact us for details on weekday daytime events.

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.

Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before your game’s start time. These are live-action events: if you arrive after your game has started, you may not be allowed to participate.

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KTLA’s Doug Kolk takes you to Escape Room LA’s The Cavern. Can he solve the clues and escape before time runs out?

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LA loves ‘The Cavern’

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